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UCLA Breast Center

Revlon/UCLA Breast Center: Westwood Location, 200 UCLA Medical Plaza, Los Angeles

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Breast Cancer Videos: Questions Answered

Videos: Breast Cancer: Diagnosis, Breast cancer Screening, Mammography, Breast Radiation Therapy, Sterotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT), Mastectomy - UCLA

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Answers to the following questions can be found in the videos above:

  • I am not sure when to start with breast cancer screening. When should I get a mammography?
  • I have a breast lump. I was sent for a mammography,  which came back negative. Should I worry about it?
  • I was diagnosed with breast cancer. How do I know if the cancer has spread outside the breast?
  • What is Sterotactic Body Radiation Therapy of SBRT?
  • What are the indications for Sterotactic Body Radiation Therapy?
  • What is required to perform Sterotactic Body Radiation Therapy?
  • Why should I have SBRT treatments at UCLA?
  • What should I expect after SBRT treatments?
  • How does radiation work?
  • How important is radiation therapy for women with breast cancer?
  • What is the schedule for radiation delivery? And what should I expect each day when I come for radiation?
  • Are there alternatives to the standard six and a half week course of radiation therapy?
  • What are the side-effects of breast radiation therapy?
  • How is partial breast radiation therapy done?
  • Who is a candidate for partial breast radiation?
  • How is the actual treatment given?
  • Is partial breast radiation therapy safe and effective?
  • I am having a lumpectomy for treating breast cancer. I was surprised to see that I was scheduled for a partial mastectomy. Is there any difference?
  • I have breast cancer and my doctor recommended a sentinel lymph node biopsy. How is this procedure done?
  • And how many lymph nodes will be removed?
  • What is breast radiation therapy? And what is the rationale for it?
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