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UCLA Breast Center

Revlon/UCLA Breast Center: Westwood Location, 200 UCLA Medical Plaza, Los Angeles

Diagnostic Clinic

The Diagnostic Clinic at the Revlon/UCLA Breast Center is designed for women who have a newly diagnosed breast cancer, are facing a breast-related surgical treatment or have other breast concerns such as an abnormal breast imaging study or a palpable breast lump.  Breast Center surgeons attend the Diagnostic Clinic, which is available Monday through Friday. Women are advised to bring all breast-related studies such as imaging reports and pathology reports as well as CDs and slides to their consultation for a more thorough evaluation and recommendation.

  • First Consultation
    During the first consultation, the surgeon will review the breast-related history of each woman and will perform a breast-focused examination. If there is any X-ray study available, it will also be reviewed. Slides from their biopsy or surgery will be submitted to UCLA pathologists for a review. For some women, additional studies and consultations may be required before reaching a definitive diagnosis or recommending a surgical option. Whenever possible, these appointments may be arranged on the same day.

  • Postoperative
    After surgery, women will return to their surgeons to discuss their pathology findings and receive a postoperative wound check.  Patients will also be informed of any Tumor Board recommendations. Appropriate arrangements for multidisciplinary treatment will be provided. Nutritional guidance, promoting a healthy breast lifestyle, psychosocial support, arm swelling prevention and the benefits of physical therapy will also be discussed.
  • Long-term Follow-up
    Women who complete their treatment or diagnostic work-up at the Breast Center may choose to return to the Revlon/UCLA Breast Center for follow-up by their surgeon. They may also return to their other healthcare providers for follow-up.

  • Goals
    The goal of the Diagnostic Clinic is to provide prompt medical attention to individuals with breast-related problems, particularly breast cancer. Women can choose their doctors or decide what day that they would like to be seen. A thorough evaluation and customized recommendation will be provided to each woman at her first consultation.
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