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UCLA Breast Center

Revlon/UCLA Breast Center: Westwood Location, 200 UCLA Medical Plaza, Los Angeles

New Patients

The protocols for new patients are different from those returning for follow-up care, as are the steps for patients who are seen at the Breast Center's different programs.

Diagnostic Clinic

After checking in at the reception area for the Diagnostic Clinic, new patients are requested to fill out a medical history form. The medical history form can be found below and may be filled before the scheduled appointment. A nurse or aide will take vital signs and measure weight and height before the new patient meets the doctor, with whom she will discuss her problem and review her studies. A clinical coordinator will assist each patient to schedule studies and prescribed treatments. Patients may request doctor's notes and study reports for their own records.

Multidisciplinary Clinic

The Multidisciplinary Clinic is offered each Wednesday. All relevant x-ray films and pathology slides need to be delivered to the clinic by Friday of the week before the appointment to allow the radiologist and pathologist time to review the studies and render their opinions. On the day of her appointment, the patient will receive an orientation to inform her about the activities that will take place during her visit. Assigned experts and their residents or fellows will meet with the patient to assess her clinical conditions. The physicians will meet to discuss their findings and treatment options, during which time the patient will have an hour-long break. The patient and a doctor will meet at the conclusion to discuss the team’s recommendations. All studies will be returned to the patient at the end of her visit. Written recommendations will be sent to the patient approximately 10 days after the consultation. The Revlon/UCLA Breast Center clinical coordinator will schedule follow-up appointments for patients who wish to receive their care at UCLA.

High-Risk Clinic

The High Risk Clinic happens every Thursday morning.

Patients considered at higher risk levels for developing breast cancer are seen by a team of experts, including a breast surgeon, a genetic counselor, a physician specialized in nutrition and a psychologist. A medical doctor will meet the patient and explain the program, take a complete history and perform a breast exam.

A physician specialized in cancer prevention will discuss and emphasize preventative measures such as diet and lifestyle to lower one's breast cancer risk.

A genetic counselor will provide education and counseling to women who have a family history of breast cancer by using risk assessment models to determine risk level.

The risks for breast cancer and how to reduce these risks are also topics discussed during the counseling. A psychologist will discuss emotional aspects of being high risk, and about coping with illness and loss of family members who were diagnosed with breast cancer. At the conclusion of the consultation, the doctor will provide the patient with a plan of follow-up care. If any diagnostic tests such as a mammogram, ultrasound or MRI are needed, they will be ordered on the same day of the patient's visit.

Important Forms


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