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UCLA Breast Center

Revlon/UCLA Breast Center: Westwood Location, 200 UCLA Medical Plaza, Los Angeles

Our Services

The Revlon/UCLA Breast Center combines the latest in diagnostic, treatment, monitoring, research studies and support care, all tailored to each patient's unique needs. Our goal is to create an environment for women to feel well cared for in addition to receiving the highest quality of care and treatment options. The team at the Breast Center includes surgeons, radiologists, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, plastic surgeons, breast pathologists, a dietitian, geneticists, social workers and psychologists. Together, they provide patients with the most up-to-date care and experimental treatments available.

This video was funded by a generous donation from the UCLA Women's Auxiliary

Services offered at Revlon/UCLA Breast Center

  • Diagnosis Program
    The Diagnostic & Follow-up Program at the Revlon/UCLA Breast Center is designed for women who have an abnormal breast imaging study, a palpable breast lump, other breast symptoms, or a newly diagnosed breast condition requiring surgical treatment. Learn more »
  • Multidisciplinary Program
    The UCLA/Revlon Multidisciplinary Program was developed to provide a concise, thorough, personalized treatment plan with attention focused on supporting the spirit as well as the body. Learn more »
  • High Risk Program
    The High Risk Program provides women with an in-depth evaluation, incorporating individually tailored counseling in genetics, nutrition, exercise, psychological issues and stress reduction. Learn more »
  • Surgical Education
    By attending the Revlon/ UCLA Breast Center's Surgical Education Program, you can receive the relevant information and discuss your questions. The participants will gain a better understanding of the often-confusing terminology.  Learn more »
  • Clinical Trials
    Several trials are conducted at the Breast Center to develop tailored drug therapy and to test for the best way of delivering target-specific breast cancer treatment. Learn more »
  • Research
    The Revlon/UCLA Breast Center is a leader in investigating more effective ways to diagnose and treat breast cancer, including evaluating and testing biomarkers in detection and classification of breast cancer. Learn more »
  • Affiliations
    The Revlon/UCLA Breast Center also works closely with the UCLA Iris Cantor Center for Breast Imaging and the Simms/Mann-UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology, offering cancer patients educational programs and support groups. Reflections, a boutique at 200 UCLA Medical Plaza, is a place where women can shop for wigs, prostheses, hats and other items while being assisted by professionals and volunteers who are cancer survivors themselves.
  • Breast Cancer Tumor Board
    This prospectively reviews all breast cancer cases treated by the four surgeons of the Revlon/UCLA Breast Center. 
    Learn more »
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