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October 2015. Santa Monica Daily Press
Barbara Abrams had worked as a labor and delivery nurse since 1979 and planned to retire last year. It just so happened that the day she had selected to bow out ended up being the day her granddaughter was born. Read full article »

UCLA Santa Monica Breast Center gets nearly $100,000

September 2015. Santa Monica Daily Press
L.A. Beats Cancer has awarded UCLA Santa Monica Breast Center with nearly $100,000 generated at its inaugural fundraiser, Cocktails for a Cure. L.A. Beats Cancer was formed to raise funds to support research saving lives otherwise lost to or threatened by the epidemic of breast cancer, to continue the legacy of Liz Smagala Tate. Read full article »

UCLA Breast Center Santa Monica collaborates for cancer care

October 2014. Santa Monica Daily Press
Santa Monica Daily Press tells patient’s story of prompt treatment from UCLA Breast Center Santa Monica. Nicole von Riesen, 43, didn’t want to wait a month for her MRI. She didn’t even really want to wait another hour. At the end of May, von Riesen went in for a regular mammogram. Then another. Then a biopsy. After that, the doctors scheduled a MRI — for June, maybe July. Read full article »

Westside Media Report on New Breast-Screening Technology at UCLA Imaging Centers

The May 10 Santa Monica Mirror and May 16 edition of The Argonaut reported that UCLA Health's imaging centers in Santa Monica and Westwood are now using tomosynthesis technology that produces three-dimensional mammograms for improved breast-cancer detection.  Dr. Anne Hoyt, director of the Barbara Kort Women's Imaging Center in Santa Monica and medical director of breast imaging for UCLA, was quoted in both articles.

The science behind Angelina Jolie’s choice of a preventative double mastectomy

May 2013. AirTalk 89.3PCC
Dr. Nova Foster, Surgical Director of UCLA Breast Center Santa Monica, talks about why the decision to undergo a double mastectomy is so difficult. Read full story »

IMPAKT Breast Cancer Conference: The future of PI3K/AKT/mTOR inhibitors in breast cancer

May 2013. ecancer conferences
ecancer reporter Peter Goodwin talks to Dr Sara Hurvitz at IMPAKT 2013 in Brussels.  What does the future hold for PI3K/AKT/mTOR inhibitors in breast cancer? Watch video »

Early Breast Cancer: Evolving Strategies in Multidisciplinary and Personalized Care

Insights Into Cancer February 12, 2013 from Marcia Britvan on Vimeo.
Nova Foster MD, Sara Hurvitz, MD, Susan McCloskey, MD, MSHS, Anne C Hoyt, MD, Nicole Dawson, MD, & Charles Tseng, MD.

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