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Simms/Mann UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology

The Simms/Mann-UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology provides integrative patient care for individuals and families touched by cancer. The center offers educational and support services that integrate psychological, nutritional, spiritual and complementary approaches to healing, all provided in one location. The best care combines multiple modalities and considers the needs of the whole patient and family. The Center offers the best of science combined with the most effective complementary approaches that patient-centered care can provide. We believe that comprehensive cancer care treats the whole person, not just the disease. In the quest to optimize wellness most patients want and need information, guidance and support that addresses nutrition and supplements, mind/body approaches, psychological concerns and more. The Simms/Mann Center offers all of these services in one place.

  • Individual, Couple and Family Counseling: We offer comprehensive psychosocial assessment and counseling. Individual, couple or family counseling can be an important part of optimizing wellness and improving psychological well-being after a cancer diagnosis, during treatment, recovery and survivorship. Many patients benefit from only one or two sessions to identify needs and develop a plan. On occasion individuals need referrals for more in-depth assistance. Psychologists and oncology social workers assist patients and family members both in the Center and in other UCLA oncology clinics to help assess needs, identify resources and provide concrete and psychological interventions. Referrals are often made to groups and workshops that are offered in the Center. Individual counseling can also include learning mind/body techniques such as relaxation and guided imagery to help patients and family members cope with the stresses of the illness. Learn more »
  • Parents & Their Children: Patients receiving their oncology care at UCLA can avail themselves of the opportunity to consult with our trained clinical staff regarding these important concerns. Our clinicians can meet with patients to help them prepare to talk to their children (whether toddlers to college age). These consultations can help patients find developmentally appropriate language to answer questions and respond to their children's needs in ways that can promote better communication throughout the course of treatment. Learn more »
  • Groups for Support and Healing: We have many groups available that provide both patients and their family members with educational, healing and support opportunities. Many people find great value in being part of a group led by an experienced professional. Since each person has somewhat different needs, we offer a variety of groups that offer healing and support. Our groups include a variety of mind/body and healing techniques along with opportunities for expression. We have groups specifically for patients with breast cancer as well. Learn more »
  • Nutrition & Supplements: We have designed a special educational program for patients and family members to help you get your questions answered and develop an individually tailored plan to optimize wellness. Our integrative oncology specialists have extensive experience working in the area of cancer and cancer prevention and have special training and knowledge in the areas of diet/nutrition and the appropriate use of supplements, symptom management, wellness, and immune support to help you make good choices, and to create an individualized wellness plan that takes into consideration your treatment status. Learn more »
  • Psychiatry & Oncology: Optimizing wellness after a cancer diagnosis and beyond may include medications that assist with sleep, depression, anxiety, fatigue and other mood changes. It is not unusual for patients and family members to find benefit from specific medications that address mood alterations after a diagnosis and throughout the sometimes lengthy and difficult treatment and recovery period. In cooperation with the psychiatry department at UCLA we now have our own psychiatrist who has office hours in the Simms/Mann - UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology. Learn more » 
  • Insights Into Cancer Public Lectures: One Tuesday each month, the Simms/Mann - UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology welcomes a leading professional who will cover cancer-related topics for patients and their families. View videos and lectures »
  • Spiritual Care: The Center offers inter-faith spiritual care spiritual care. Cancer not only invades the physical body but it can invade our spirit, our soul, our very identities, and the relationships that keep us connected to life or even to our sense of higher power. Our Chaplain offers support to patients and families and is available for more private one-on-one support in person or over the phone. Learn more »
  • Reflections: Reflections is non-profit boutique and consultation suite designed to help individuals manage the physical appearance changes brought about by cancer and its treatment. Many items such as breast prostheses, bras and lymphedema garments are reimbursable and provided for on a regular basis by insurance companies. Reflections offer many types of products.
    • Nutraceuticals - high quality vitamins, herbs and supplements selected by our integrative medicine physician
    • Breast prostheses, mastectomy bras, post-surgical bras and camisoles
    • Hair alternatives - wigs, scarves, hats, face framers, turbans, sleep caps, etc.
    • Lymphedema garments
    • Gift items
    • and more »

The Simms/Mann - UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology provides services within the UCLA Breast Center for personalized care. The Simms/Mann - UCLA Center for Integrative Medicine provides many of its services without charge and is dependent on donations for its full support.  Support the Simms/Mann - Center for Integrative Oncology »

Contact and Location Information
Founding Director: Anne Coscarelli, PhD
Simms/Mann -- UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology
200 UCLA Medical Plaza Suite 502
Los Angeles, CA 90095-6934
310 794-6644
Email SimmsMannCenter@mednet.ucla.edu

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