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UCLA Breast Center

Santa Monica Breast Center
Welcome to the UCLA Breast Center Santa Monica where our goal is to provide our patients with the highest level of comprehensive, yet personalized breast care. Learn more »

Frequently Asked Questions

In the News

The UCLA Breast Center Santa Monica was recently featured in the Santa Monica Mirror.

When Vincetta Johnson's doctor in her home state of South Carolina uttered the dreaded words, "you have breast cancer," she didn't hear any of the other words about her diagnosis that followed. Her world was turned upside-down. Read article »

What to Expect

Breast cancer.

It's the diagnosis virtually all women fear, and understandably so. Breast cancer strikes one of every eight women in this country and almost everyone knows someone who has been diagnosed with this disease.

However, with early diagnosis and advances in treatment, breast cancer can be treated successfully and, in many cases, cured.

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Understanding Surgery

Surgery is usually the first line of treatment for breast cancer unless the tumor is very large or has spread to other parts of the body. The surgical options for breast cancer include:

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